Limited Lifetime Warranty


GrindFest Outdoors builds their rigs to last the grind. Their will be no tolerance for anything but excellence. If our product breaks, it is our fault, not yours.

If in any circumstance, for any reason at all you need a replacement, it will be covered, with minimal exceptions.

First 3 years:

On a very rare occasion, we may make a mistake in the manufacturing, or there may be a defect of craftsmanship or failure of the product. If at any point in the first 3 years there is any defect in the product, replacement parts or rigs will be sent. This includes any damage to the product caused by yourself. Proof of purchase, along with photos of the issue should be submitted to grindfestoutdoors@gmail.com.

After 3 years:

Due to the cost of shipping, after 3 years, parts will be provided free of charge, however, assembly must be done by the customer. We will guide you as to how to repair the product.


Carabiners: After 3 years from date of purchase, Carabiners are not covered by lifetime warranty. Replacements can be purchased for current sale price.

Anchor: Damage to anchors and loss of anchor is not covered by warranty.

Corrosion: Metal corrodes in water. While GrindFest Outdoors uses electroplated stainless steel hardware, it is possible for corrosion to occur after extended time in water. Use of GrindFest Outdoors products in salt-water will accelerate this process. If used in salt water, it is the customers responsibility to clean/rinse their product with fresh water. GrindFest Outdoors will consider replacement of parts on a case by case basis.


GrindFest Outdoors is not responsible for damage to, or loss of decoys or any other hunting product used in conjunction with GrindFest Outdoors products.

Please contact grindfestoutdoors@gmail.com with warranty concerns